What is Biomedical Hormone Therapy
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Biomedical hormone therapy is made up of drugs that are meant to replace the hormones that were lost during the menopausal stage. These treatments are typically made up of a mix of progestin and estrogen. Progestin is also known as synthesized progesterone. Such drugs were found to be caused breast tenderness and according to a medical school, the estrogen hormone present in the treatment is derived from the urine of a pregnant mare. Further studies have also revealed that this treatment is associated with serious risks including breast cancer, blood clots, stroke and heart disease. Because of these, hormone replacement therapy as well as treatments that use biomedical hormones has been less frequently used by women.

Most of them were worried they might experience worse conditions than what the treatment is supposed to cure. But there is certainly nothing to be worried about because as said earlier, a newly discovered hormone replacement therapy which uses bio identical hormones were said to be safe and effective in curing the symptoms associated with menopause. This treatment was developed as an alternative to hormone replacement therapy. Bio identical hormone replacement therapy can replace those hormones lost during menopause. It uses bio identical hormones which are molecularly identical to those hormones that have declined.

This treatment is said to be more natural because it is derived from extracts of plants like soy and wild yam. It is a more attractive form of treating menopausal symptoms than biomedical hormone replacement therapy because it was found to have fewer risks. It also does not cause breast cancer and other forms of life threatening diseases associated with the use of synthetic hormones. This means that bio identical hormone replacement therapy can restore the normal levels of hormones in the body in order for both men and women to age gracefully and to avoid any diseases.

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